Children’s Dentistry

Gone are the days of children being scared of the dentist. At Tooth Dental, we are family friendly and aim to make your child’s visit to the dentist an enjoyable experience. Our aim is to have kids asking “when can we go back to the dentist?” We have a dedicated kid’s corner in our patient lounge with fun activities. Once we enter the treatment room, Lou will thoroughly examine your child’s teeth, mouth and occlusion and discuss any concerns. She will also go through home care and diet with you and your child. Dr Lou, Dr Alex and Dr Kate are well known for her balloon animals – even some of the adults get them too!

Ideally, we should see your child from around 3. The first visit is often just a ride in the chair and a very limited exam. As they get older and more comfortable with the practice, we will be able to clean the teeth, take x-rays and possibly undertake preventative fissure seals in back teeth. Lou has a special interest in orthodontics, and will assess your child’s bite. Quite often, early intervention orthodontics can reduce overall time in braces.

If your child is playing sport, it is worth considering a new mouthguard every 12 months or when the old one is no longer fitting comfortably.

Medicare Children Dental Benefit Scheme:
Tooth dental supports the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme (CDBS), and the treatment is rebated through Medicare. The CDBS is a government initiative to provide financial support for dental treatment on eligible kids who are aged between 2 and 17. To be eligible, you must be Family Tax Benefit A. The Child Dental Benefit Schedule includes $1000 over 2 years, and can be used on general dental services such as check-ups, cleans, x-rays, fluoride application, fillings, fissure seals and extractions. Medicare may have sent you a letter informing you of your child’s eligibility, however if you are unsure and would like to find out if your child is eligible, please contact our friendly staff on (07) 3366 1737 and quote them your medicare number.