Dr Beth Keir

Dr Beth grew up in Cardiff, Wales, where she underwent all of her schooling and professional training. In 2013 after 5 years working in the Welsh valleys, Dr Beth made the move to Australia with the idea of staying and exploring Sydney for a year before heading home. 6 years, an Aussie husband and baby later, she is now a fully-fledged Australian citizen, currently building a family home to become one of Ashgrove’s newest residents.Dr Beth first moved to Sydney for 3 years where she lived near the beach, working in Bondi. She then spent 18 months in Townsville where she had a completely different (and much hotter) Australian experience, before deciding to settle in Brisbane.

Dr Beth’s dental interests are very varied, but she especially enjoys treating nervous patients, trying to make everyone’s dental experience as comfortable as possible. Having moved around over the past few years Dr Beth is looking forward to meeting some new patients who she can get to know well over the years. She is currently busy working on her balloon animal making skills to make sure she lives up to Tooth dental standards!

Beth’s other interests:

  • Staying fit by running and weight training
  • Cooking (especially desserts)
  • Trying to stop her toddler from destroying everything in sight